MC Servers Redefining the Concept of Computer Games

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game server
Image by bwana
Took this while spectating on a server.

Computer games are one of the most popular entities – under the sun – in the present times. There are, in fact, myriads of varieties of games that exist in the cyberspace. These games are overwhelmingly popular in the contemporary society, irrespective of gender and age, etc. Ever evolving technology is, although gradually, changing the concept upon which the games are based. As such, a completely new perception of online games has shot into the limelight, these days.
Online games – what are they?
Online games are actually internet based games. These are the latest version of the computer games and provide amazing level of realistic experience to the players. How do online games differ from their earlier versions? Firstly, number of players in this latest version varies from one to sixty four. That is, a single game can be logged into and played by as many as sixty four players at a time and that too, at the same game level. A dedicated gaming server caters to all the players at a time, although, the game itself is not loaded into the server. Relevant information regarding the game, like score and rules, etc. is maintained in this server.
Just as, web servers host websites; gaming servers in a similar manner, host games. Exactly what facility, in playing games, these special servers provide? In real life, consider a stadium. Just as, the stadium is furnished with a playing field, giant score board, etc. and the players of both sides take the field for contending a game; mc servers are designed to provide this kind of real life effect to the players across the cyberspace.
Popular online game servers
Interestingly, it is possible to host a game server on an individual computer. It will facilitate a number of players, although small, to play the game. The entity of server providers hosts game servers; these are generally enormous data centers. Supporting a high end host server requires,
a. Hi speed connection and
b. Hi end hardware
MC server list caters to its countless customers with a stunning variety of games. Some of the most popular online games in the current times include,
i. The Call of the Duty
ii. Counter Strike
iii. Battlefield series
iv. Unreal Tournament and
v. The Medal of Honor series, etc.
These service providers are providing state of art service, which include free voice servers for oral communication, etc. MC server list has indeed redefined the concept of computer games, metamorphosing both the approach, as well as the environment. The community of computer game lovers is spanned across the world. This latest development has elevated popularity of the games to a brand new level. MC servers are truly the most impressive concept that has thoroughly redefined the aspect of computer games. More and more people, cutting across the age divide are getting involved with this amazing addiction of online games. Online gaming communities have become more prominent than ever, with the advent of this technology. The commercial aspect of this technology is also equally impressive.

Stephane Mallarme is the owner of the minecraft server. Minecraft Servers are gaming server that are hugely popular throughout the world. He has written many journals on this that are well liked by the people.

parts list – not exactly the same but equal in performance

* http://pcpartpicker.com/list/4prNGf *

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The Reasons Gamers Still Play On Call Of Duty 2 clan servers

Coke Side of Life: Coca-Cola Art Remix
game server
Image by Coca-Cola Art Gallery


Ancient Egyptians began bowling in about 5200 B.C. German and British people also enjoyed the game, but it was the Dutch settlers who brought their version of “Dutch pins” to America in the 16th century. They played their games in the middle of Manhattan, which is still sometimes referred to as the “Bowling Green.” Originally a nine-pin game, bowling in New York attracted some shady characters and was eventually outlawed; in order to get around the gambling laws that prohibited it, alley owners simply added another pin. And the rest is history.
Lumbered with the Fred Flintstone image for years, tenpin bowling has recently found a retro-cool status among the young and the fashionable.
If you travel to Atlanta, hometown of ‘Coca-Cola’, you should check out the new Ten Pin Alley in Atlantic Station. The place is owned by cool cats Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama, servers wear vintage-inspired bowling shirts and the dj plays very groovy tunes. So ‘pick a cherry’ and ‘hammer the pocket’. Fabulous atmosphere and a guaranteed good time!
For all the bowlin’ lovers out there: here you can see an original ‘Coca-Cola’ poster from the forties plus the Remix version. Enjoy!

ROCKANDROLL AGENCY is a full-cycle communication agency offering marketing services, strategic development and art direction. RockAndRoll Agency was founded in 2003 by Jean-Philippe Noterman and Wouter De Coster. Jean-Philippe studied philosophy/anthropology, Wouter has a background as fashion designer. Before starting RockAndRoll Agency, they worked already together for 5 years in the publishing and communication business.
RockAndRoll Agency is dedicated to the production of visual identity design, graphic animation and websites. As art buyers and curators, RRA is always looking for artists with strong ideas and an individual voice. Contact: wdc@rockandrollagency.com

Blog: www.coca-cola-art.com
Official Website: www.coke-art.com
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/cocacola86artgallery

There isn’t a series that comes close to Call of Duty when it comes to games that have found success in the online realm of game searvers.In terms of popularity, the Call of Duty series, and especially, the gameserver technology employed in their online versions of these games, is unsurpassed by any other game series. Though there have been advances in game server technology and even subsequent versions of the COD series, the Call of Duty 2 server is still remarkably popular.

This game has caught the hearts of so many, that there are those who have purchased their own server capacity in order to create a COD2 server that can remain up, in perpetuity, even though many of the original COD 2 servers are still up. Why, you are likely wondering, is this game still so popular, especially considering that there have been a number of different versions of this series that have been released?

The short answer is that the game is just plain fun. Something the entire series is known for, Call of Duty 2 was an incredibly well made game. Part of what makes this so special to many is the Special Ops mode, which is just one of the things that makes it stand apart from earlier versions. It was in Call of Duty 2 that the Special Ops mode became an option, and it was novel, but quickly became very popular.This style of first person shooting was incredibly realistic and was also a feature that hadn’t been offered before. Drawing many into the complex storyline, the single player mode has continued to be popular as well.

The team oriented game play is also part of what makes Call of Duty 2 so fun. In essence having their ability to create a completely unique gaming experience, those who purchase their own servers can create special missions.The server host can set parameters and make rules that will change the way you have to play the game. So now, each time you log on, you could face a set of unique challenges and rules that will create a unique experience. You are in for a fast paced and fun challenge whether the host allows you to use help features, or employs a tougher “one kill, you’re out” policy.

The game controls are fairly easy to learn, but this is not an easy game. In order for you teammates to really have a chance in any of the number of complex missions you might find yourself in, excellent strategizing, communication, and thinking are required in order to be able to win. For those who can’t get down the tricky controls most first person shooters require, this is the perfect game. Even those without extreme dexterity can participate in this fun and cooperative game, that makes for a better game experience.These are just some of the many features that have allowed Call of Duty 2 to maintain its popularity, even after all these years.

For COD 2 server visit INX-Gaming – your first choice for a Call of Duty 2 server.

MU online private server and Perfect World private server: How private servers alter the equation

Aion preselection
game server
Image by Alt-x
Kuura 1 level Mage is waiting for play (EU-Server: Perento)

The world of virtual games is here to stay. And, as they have developed and grown with the advancement of technology various new tools and software have also found their way into the gaming realm. We are referring to the new genre of private servers. Whether it is MU online private server or Perfect World private server, the importance and popularity of private servers cannot be overlooked. The concept of this server emulator was first developed as a way to find out a way to bypass the difficult levels of the game and advance with least hindrances. A comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about the intricacies of the game is required to be able to design a private server which will be able to modify the dynamics of the game.

What are the ways in which these private servers may have been created? One way could be if the main server is leaked in some manner so that it becomes easier to create an alternative server or a server emulator. A private server can also be created with the help of reverse engineering. A number of online games are supported by servers made in this manner. To create any private server, it is important to have deep understanding of the mechanics of the game. For instance to design a Perfect World private server the designer should have knowledge of the game before anything else. How each character behaves within the realm of the game, the actions and the outcomes, the variables – every aspect of the game needs to be studied well before a private server is designed.

Another important aspect of building a private server is to understand the communication protocol. So, if it is about a MU online private server or any other online game, the communication between the private server and the client has to be meaningful. With complete knowledge about the behaviour of the game and a clear communication protocol server emulation can be possible. And there are a number of advantages of playing the game on a private server as well.

For starters, as the users of the private server you will get similar services at an extremely competitive rate and you can choose its functions according to your convenience and requirement. A Perfect World private server can help in changing the dynamics of the game in such a manner that will increase your chances of getting to a better position. Moreover, if you system is running on a private server, it will allow much more resources than any other kind of server.

A private server like the MU online private server or Perfect World private server are basically custom built, keeping in mind the specific requirements of the players and what would give them an edge. There are innumerable designers involved in creating and selling these private servers to websites that are accessed by players to look for an easy and quick way to get through the hurdles in their favourite online games. These private servers have really modified the way the games are played. The challenge is to choose the right private server provider so that the purpose is served.

Private servers like MU online private server and Perfect World private server aim at modifying the game for the benefit of the players.

Rusty Admin tool

Steam id finder

Owner id command
ownerid (steam64id) (Steam name)

save command

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How To “Own” On CS Source Game Servers

Treecology on the Minesque Server
game server
Image by curson
Finally finished the community tree farm for spawn, on the Vanilla Minesque Server. Yeah, I used to play SimCity2000 a lot, back in the days 😉

Counter Strike: Source servers are servers dedicated to hosting the online features of the Counter Strike: Source game. In order to achieve certain objectives, CSS, a first person shooter, requires team oriented, cooperated play between people who work together. A spin on the old terrorists versus counterterrorist battle is the games basic “plot summary”.

To win a game on the CSS server, your team must receive more points or wins in order to claim ultimate victory. This is calculated through the number of successfully completed objectives that are comprised on the “game map”. The team that wins the game will be the one that has more points as a result of more successfully completed objectives. In addition to a points victory, you will have to also meet certain victory conditions, dependent on the level you are one, to claim ultimate victory. This can be quite difficult, such as having to go through an entire level with no modifications allowed, or it could be an easy goal such as simply defusing a bomb.

Game servers are quite advanced, allowing us to have fluid, real life, and responsive online game play. Your experience will be exactly like this when you play on a CS Source server. Games that are hosted on a high quality game server will not be clippy or have issues with loading errors. There are extensively modified aspects of the game on a CSS server, to really create a unique experience.

You are going to want to know, once you start playing CSS, how to not only win, but dominate. Always have a good inventory of your weapons. You must learn which weapons are best used in certain situations and it is vital to make sure you always carry enough ammunition. Walking into a room, spraying bullets all over the place is just a waste of ammo. User your ammunition sparingly and make sure that you always the weapon that is best suited to your specific situation.

Remembering that this is a team game is another important piece of advice. You shouldn’t run off on your own to try to play hero in this game. You do not respawn after you “die”, as is the case with many other first person shooter games. This means that you cannot play again until the next round. You can be of better assistance to your teammates, and there is also safety in number, when you stay together. To make certain aspects of the game a lot easier, you should work together.

When it comes to doing something like a house raid, for example, you will have far more success working with friends than going it alone. Being with your teammates gives you more protection in the event of an attack or any other dangerous situation you might find yourself in. Many people understand that when playing a cooperative game like CSS, this is a key element to any good strategy.

So you have some advice on playing CSS, now you need a CSS server – check INX-Gaming. INX-Gaming have been providing Counter-Strike Source servers for over 8 years.

The Different Game Types On Call Of Duty 5 Servers

Game server – insert new game mods
game server
Image by TekLab
Easy to use control panel for game servers.

Call of Duty 5 servers, when it comes to game servers, have long been know for high quality, fluid game play. The COD 5 server continues to advance, as games, and the gameserver have continued to improve. On the Call of Duty 5 server, whether you are playing the one-player mode, or team oriented style of game play, there are a number of different game types to choose from. Even though newer versions of the series have been release, the game server is still highly popular and as fast and efficient as ever.

Called “death match” modes, these are are modes that are played until the death, as the name implies.On Call of Duty 5, this can be done in two ways. There is an online, single player free-for-all-death match. There are also team death matches online as well for one to choose from, which allow for a more strategic and cooperative gaming experience. For Call of Duty 5, these have long been the most popular game modes. Especially in terms of online game play in particular.The basic idea behind this mode is to kill the opposing members as many times as possible, so that in the end, you or your team ends up with the most kills.

Also, you can play the so-called “Capture the Flag” mode.In this form of online game play, the person who manages to obtain the most points or wins throughout the game is declared the victor. When seeking a Domination victory, it is also key to capture flags. Most often, this game type is played cooperatively, and the team the manages to capture the most flags, in this game mode, will be declared the winner.

When you play the “sabotage” mode, the objective of you as an individual, or your team as a whole, is to sabotage the other teams or players. One can, for example, destroy weapons caches, but this is just one of a number of ways to sabotage. A more difficult mode of game play, this requires both strategy and stealth. The caches of weapons you are destroying are, oftentimes, not even those of the opposing team. The idea, rather, is to see which team can seek and destroy the weapons cache faster than the other team.

Finally, you can play the “Search and Destroy” mode. This is a team oriented game mode so depending on what side of the battle you are on, your role will depend. Weapons caches and the like are often targets of these missions. For the offensive side, the objective is to seek out and destroy all targeted weapons caches. Defending said weapons caches from attack is the objective of the defensive team.If the offensive team can destroy the caches, they win.If the defensive team is successful in keeping the weapons safe from destruction, they win.

For Call of Duty 5 servers visit INX-Gaming also are a game server host.

http://www.lockergnome.com/media/2012/03/30/five-tips-on-operating-a-game-server/ – The running or operating of a game server is rarely as easy as setting up the server in the first place. Many games, like Minecraft, have easy server setup software – but this isn’t always the case. When undertaking such a task, you should be prepared for what you’re getting into. To help you out, here are five tips for operating a game server so you’ll at least have an idea if it’s something you can handle.

You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here:

Video Rating: / 5


Why You Need Dedicated Ventrilo Game Servers With Full Control

game server
Image by Why Not Linh Vu
Enjoyed the golden week by visiting the "Cheap" road aka the mini-market mall. This kind of mall is typical from Asia : fake, cheap and bargain !

The Internet has completely changed the way we play computer games and video games. It is no longer enough to play just on your own or call a few friends over. You can now join hundreds and thousands of gamers online to battle it out in anyway you want.

With the advent of modern MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and other MMOs that include genres like FPS (First Person Shooters), RTS (Real Time Strategy) and racing, the internet has become the ultimate battle ground for gamers where they challenge each other and play their favorite games to the hilt.

While most of us have enjoyed the amazing features of online gaming, we are not always aware of what goes on in the background. The process of playing online games requires a game server to relay massive amounts of data between the several gaming clients that are connected to the system.

Usually, this server only relays ‘sync data’ which tells all the clients the exact locations and statuses of every active player on the server. Due to the limited resources of each server, there’s usually a fixed number of players that can play on that server. Once that capacity has been reached, the server automatically denies all entry requests. Players then get a ‘server full’ message.

These servers need to be setup in a specific manner that varies according to each game. So if you are planning to play Counter Strike, you need to have the server-side client of Counter Strike running on the server. Only then can you invite players to log in to your server and play against the other players on your server.

Those who have experience in setting up game servers know how important it is to have complete control over the server to run a smooth and error free gaming environment. Think of it this way – if you did not have complete control over your PC, you would not be able to run the system the way you want to. The same thing goes for game servers.

Another important aspect of running a game server is enabling internal communication between players. This is of utmost importance to games that have tactical teams playing against each other. That is because the team members need to communicate within each other to be efficient. Since most of these games are really intense and fast-paced, hand typed messages just don’t cut it.

This is the problem that Ventrilo has solved. This company has released a server side voice communication platform that has surround sound capabilities. Thus you and your fellow gamers can now communicate through voice chatting. Since the sound is in surround, it is also likely that you will realize where the person is by just listening.

So at the present moment, the ultimate game server is a reliable server that gives you full control, is cheap and offers you full Ventrilo features. If you are a serious gamer and want to set up your own server, get a Ventrilo game server ASAP!

Learn more about Ventrilo Rentals and Ventrilo Servers.

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Things That You Must Know About Mc Servers And Minecraft Server List

Home/Office Server
game server
Image by Tom Carmony
This is our home and home office server, set up in our hall closest. It’s made up of Intel Mac MIni (Core Duo), stacked with two 500GB external drives (one Firewire, one USB 2) and a pair of 250GB FW drives on the left, setup as a mirrored RAID. The 250GB RAID handles all of my work-related files, while the 500GB FW is our iTunes/Apple TV media drive. The other 500GB (USB 2) is used for periodic backups of the media drive, which I run 2-3 times per week.

The stack on the far right is a Motorola Cable Modem, a D-Link Wireless G Gaming Router with Gigabit Ethernet, and the bottom is a D-Link Gigabit Switch.

This closest came with a home networking panel built in, with CAT-5 wiring running from the closest into each room of our condo (approx two jacks per room).

One must understand the basics of Minecraft Servers and hosting Minecraft. What are Minecraft Servers? Minecraft Servers are basically large-scale computers that have fast internet attachments that are running Minecraft, and you can easily get connected to them and play Minecraft with your friends! Now you have a choice, this can either be your own computer (run your own Minecraft server) OR you can pay for somebody else to do all the dirty work (buy server hosting)
How to your own Minecraft server from dwelling?
Even though it is likely (and well, rather enjoyable… for those computer nerds amidst us) to own a Minecraft server from your own PC, over time this can bring more headaches than you originally considered. First of all, running a Minecraft server from your home PC will be exceedingly draining on your system assets. Even though most new computers running Windows 7 or Vista come with high speed multi-core CPUs and sufficient RAM (memory) to run a game server, the position will probably be distinct when an active Minecraft server begins using up your resources. Plus the added internet bandwidth you need is likely to be a huge bottleneck.
Besides this, you have to consider that you will be dedicating your machine to one reason, being a Minecraft server. This means that you won’t be able to play Minecraft on your own server, as your CPU % and RAM are currently being chewed up (as cited earlier)! Sitting there and supervising the server while your friends play Minecraft doesn’t sound like as much fun. It also signifies that you will not be able to use your PC (now a MC server) for an allotment of the other jobs you are used to. As said before, consider that if there are other persons (family members, room-mates, work colleagues) using the same Internet connection, they are probably going to wonder why the Internet is so slow while you are happy with your Minecraft server list!
The other key component is that if you were running your own server, you would need to hold it switched on and connected to the Internet 24/7, to enable people to play when they preferred. If your server is switched off or your Internet connection is not working, that means there will be no Minecraft! (So, you would be getting a lot of angry phone calls from your friends telling you to swap the server on!) Other things like residential internet connections, repeatedly having to restart the computer and Windows shut-downs can affect your server up-time.
Another last component to consider is that setting up a MC server is like setting up any web server or multiplayer game server. In case you did not have the chance to set one up before, you will need to have a lot of endurance and a good comprehending of your own TCP/IP mesh, how to set port-forwarding on your router, permitting traffic through your firewall, modifying your anti-virus backgrounds, and so on.
All of these things can lead to annoyance, which is why we finally recommend going with a Minecraft server list hosting answer; after all wouldn’t you rather spend your time building an awesome world with your friends and thereby enjoying Minecraft?

Stephane Mallarme is the owner of the mc server list , minecraft servers are gaming server that are hugely popular throughout the world. He has written many journals on this that are well liked by the people.