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Witching Night at Warhammer
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Kuura 17lvl swordmaster at Burlok RP server (EU).

Online multi player games are no longer considered as kids’ playpen as adults are equally serious about playing such games. Just like children they get hooked on to these computer games like Perfect World and World of Warfare and will take help from any quarter to improve their ranking and level in the game. Playing online games and facing players from different corners of the world is quite challenging. Some of your opponents may be experts in the game and may enjoy top ranking. WOW private server is one option for you to gain a better ranking easily. Perfect World private server is one of the longest serving and highly rated professional gaming servers.

Popularity of private servers lies in the fact that you get the real gaming experience before embarking on the real world of online gaming. WOW private server allows you to experience the real thing before subscribing, then play and win against masters of the game. Here you get a free run of games like Perfect World also. Perfect World private server offers a unique experience like joining the game at the highest level, using of customized items in the game or encountering special in-game events. Sometimes these may differ slightly from original version of the game but diehard fans are happy with the gaming experience.

Sometimes you enjoy playing a particular game like World of Warfare but you may face difficulties in accessing the official server. During those times WOW private server acts like a savior keeping you in touch with your favorite game. Sometimes online games may be removed from official servers by creators but you can continue to enjoy playing with your friends in servers like Perfect World private server. Often newer versions of the game are launched which may be difficult for you so, you can continue to score and win by playing on private servers. These servers provide you with complete satisfaction of playing the real game but with nominal variations.

Private servers dedicated to each popular game have some distinguishing features which make them even more attractive to the avid players. WOW private server highlights a particular feature of the game and brings together thousands of players on the same platform each equally competent. Rates of earning treasures or jewels in some games are sometimes increased or decreased by private servers or emulators. The names of characters and playing fields are associated closely with the names of these dedicated private servers. There is Perfect World private server which changes models of the game to a certain limit to keep interest level undisturbed.

Websites related to Perfect World private server list all the various options available to the players by highlighting the variations each game presents for the players. These are also rated by other players and you get instant review and feedback by going through social network platforms and blogs. Some WOW private server may have instability issues or virus problems unlike original servers and comments of fellow players will help you to identify these and steer clear of them. Freedom offered by private servers is much more than shared servers and you get unlimited free access to your favorite game without any hindrance.

Your search for the best Perfect World private server has to be taken up after research and great care. You will get appreciative performance from WOW private server when you play regularly using their services.

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Coke Side of Life: Coca-Cola Art Remix
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Image by Coca-Cola Art Gallery


Ancient Egyptians began bowling in about 5200 B.C. German and British people also enjoyed the game, but it was the Dutch settlers who brought their version of “Dutch pins” to America in the 16th century. They played their games in the middle of Manhattan, which is still sometimes referred to as the “Bowling Green.” Originally a nine-pin game, bowling in New York attracted some shady characters and was eventually outlawed; in order to get around the gambling laws that prohibited it, alley owners simply added another pin. And the rest is history.
Lumbered with the Fred Flintstone image for years, tenpin bowling has recently found a retro-cool status among the young and the fashionable.
If you travel to Atlanta, hometown of ‘Coca-Cola’, you should check out the new Ten Pin Alley in Atlantic Station. The place is owned by cool cats Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama, servers wear vintage-inspired bowling shirts and the dj plays very groovy tunes. So ‘pick a cherry’ and ‘hammer the pocket’. Fabulous atmosphere and a guaranteed good time!
For all the bowlin’ lovers out there: here you can see an original ‘Coca-Cola’ poster from the forties plus the Remix version. Enjoy!

ROCKANDROLL AGENCY is a full-cycle communication agency offering marketing services, strategic development and art direction. RockAndRoll Agency was founded in 2003 by Jean-Philippe Noterman and Wouter De Coster. Jean-Philippe studied philosophy/anthropology, Wouter has a background as fashion designer. Before starting RockAndRoll Agency, they worked already together for 5 years in the publishing and communication business.
RockAndRoll Agency is dedicated to the production of visual identity design, graphic animation and websites. As art buyers and curators, RRA is always looking for artists with strong ideas and an individual voice. Contact: wdc@rockandrollagency.com

Blog: www.coca-cola-art.com
Official Website: www.coke-art.com
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/cocacola86artgallery

There isn’t a series that comes close to Call of Duty when it comes to games that have found success in the online realm of game searvers.In terms of popularity, the Call of Duty series, and especially, the gameserver technology employed in their online versions of these games, is unsurpassed by any other game series. Though there have been advances in game server technology and even subsequent versions of the COD series, the Call of Duty 2 server is still remarkably popular.

This game has caught the hearts of so many, that there are those who have purchased their own server capacity in order to create a COD2 server that can remain up, in perpetuity, even though many of the original COD 2 servers are still up. Why, you are likely wondering, is this game still so popular, especially considering that there have been a number of different versions of this series that have been released?

The short answer is that the game is just plain fun. Something the entire series is known for, Call of Duty 2 was an incredibly well made game. Part of what makes this so special to many is the Special Ops mode, which is just one of the things that makes it stand apart from earlier versions. It was in Call of Duty 2 that the Special Ops mode became an option, and it was novel, but quickly became very popular.This style of first person shooting was incredibly realistic and was also a feature that hadn’t been offered before. Drawing many into the complex storyline, the single player mode has continued to be popular as well.

The team oriented game play is also part of what makes Call of Duty 2 so fun. In essence having their ability to create a completely unique gaming experience, those who purchase their own servers can create special missions.The server host can set parameters and make rules that will change the way you have to play the game. So now, each time you log on, you could face a set of unique challenges and rules that will create a unique experience. You are in for a fast paced and fun challenge whether the host allows you to use help features, or employs a tougher “one kill, you’re out” policy.

The game controls are fairly easy to learn, but this is not an easy game. In order for you teammates to really have a chance in any of the number of complex missions you might find yourself in, excellent strategizing, communication, and thinking are required in order to be able to win. For those who can’t get down the tricky controls most first person shooters require, this is the perfect game. Even those without extreme dexterity can participate in this fun and cooperative game, that makes for a better game experience.These are just some of the many features that have allowed Call of Duty 2 to maintain its popularity, even after all these years.

For COD 2 server visit INX-Gaming – your first choice for a Call of Duty 2 server.