The Reasons COD 4 Clanservers Are So Busy

Desert Moon on the Alvega Server
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Moon rising over the desert at Spawn on the Alvega server. I’ve been working on the spawn "village" area lately, and this seemed to capture the mood.

Despite the fact that there are multiple newer versions of the game available, the COD4 server, to this day, is still going strong. Actively playing the online version and keeping it alive are people who have purchased special Call of Duty 4 hosting options, or who are using an existing COD4 server, are tons of people who still love this game. The extended popularity of the Call of 4 servers is likely causing you to wonder why.

Since its inceptions, this series has been incredibly popular. This is due to the complexity and quality of not only the game play mode, but the graphics and realism as well. This version, for the online function, is still perhaps the best that has been released as of yet. Many people loved the game play on the COD 4 server that they have been actively playing it since. Part of what makes Call of Duty so fun to play online is that it is a first person shooter than you can play in a fast paced, interactive environment. No other game is quite the same, or offers the same types of game play as to the COD4 servers, and the offline version just cannot compare. This is why, again and again, people come back to this game. No matter that competing games and newer versions of this game have been released, this is still the ultimate first person shooter for many.

The game controls are fairly even to learn, even though the game itself is complex, adding to its innovation. You can choose between connection via the internet or using the local area network (LAN) to connect to certain individuals directly. You can choose whether to help or complete against each other in a world that is roamed by many baddies from zombies to human-like, but not quite characters that are after you.

Groups of individuals or gaming groups have purchased dedicated server space to create their own COD4 server set up, which is just another great things about Call of Duty 4. By doing this, these servers can be open to the public, or they can be kept private. For participation on the game server, the gaming group or server owner can create customized rules for game play. They can make the rules as hard or easy as they want, creating a completely unique version of the game for all to enjoy.

None of the versions, even with the continued progress made in the Call of Duty series, seem to be able to match that all around “coolness” or level of fun, and ease of learning that made Call of Duty 4 so special. To many, out of the entire COD series, this is the best version. Though dated by modern ways of thinking about things, it has been able to remain an incredibly popular game for all the reasons stated above. The game that has the perfect combination of fun, functionality, and difficulty will have a players heart for the long haul. This has been the case for Call of Duty 4.

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How Clanservers Are Managed And What Clan Server Hosts Will Help You With

Apple Game Server Online
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Having run a game server host for 8 years this is something I should be able to talk about in detail. I’ve seen all sorts of game server providers from the very best to the very worst. How those hosts run their game servers dictates how successful their company is. Let’s look at the way in which game servers operate.

Gameservers normally support both types of operating systems. It’s very unlikely you’ll find a gameserver that doesn’t run on Windows. CSS servers for example run great on both Windows and Linux. There are however some games that only run on Windows. The majority of game server hosts run Windows 2003 Server. There’s a divide on what operating system is best. Purist game server providers (at least that’s the best way of describing them) will cough at the thought of running gameservers on Windows, unless there is really no Linux support. Indeed Linux is considered to be more stable. Linux servers are generally smoother and thought to be more secure. You can always choose to run Wine on Linux in order to emulate Windows. Do be aware though, Wine isn’t as stable as running Windows.

So why would you use a game server provider? Why not rent your own dedicated server and run the games? Perhaps if you are an experienced server admin. Let’s assume you are going to manage your game servers on a Linux server. If this is the case, you are going to need to ensure the server is fully patched and secured. Should the dedicated server go pop, you are going to need to know how to fix it. If you don’t know how to mend it, you’ll have the option from your dedicated server provider to either have a clean format (make sure you have backups, and are ready for the painful process of uploading maps!), or pay the dedicated server provider to try and troubleshoot the problem. Of course knowing what you are doing, and not chowning the Linux operating system to another user generally helps!

Also consider game server providers spend all day fixing mods. Mods or addons are made by community members. Thus is is worth considering they are not being professionally developed, and have their fair share of bugs. Every time there is a big update for Team Fortress 2 Servers for example expect all your mods to break. You then have to wait for the mod makers to release a patch. It’s not fun because you’ll get shouted at by those that play for free on the game server, and burst into tears if they cant play games 2am on a Sunday morning.

Game servers take care of all of the above! They deal with all the hassle for you. Given how cheap game servers are these days, you may as well pay a provider anyway. Good luck!

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