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Alvega Server – Spawn overview
game server
Image by curson
Spawn overview from the King Of The Ladder pillar on the Alvega server, as of today. Still so much space to abuse 😀

Community farms, Nether portal, enchanting room, pig racing track, the Arena and the newly finished builders’ shack are all in view.

Running a WOW private server is not easy since the game is so popular and there are so many other sites that will provide the same service. There are a number of sources you can use to rate it and you have to explore every option if you want to get the best results. This is where you will find the best source to achieve your goals.

If you want to know people will be drawn to what you have to offer, you have to let them know your RuneScape private server is the one that will meet their demands. For this you have to show them you are better than your competitors and you have to develop trust so you can be sure you are going to be among the top game servers.

Every WOW private server will have its own players and you have to do all the things you can so you can rise up to their demands. The game speed has to be more than satisfying, the bonuses have to get them on track from the start and you have to keep things fresh at all times so they can look forward to playing the game.

Once your RuneScape private server has gained the favor of the players, it is time to let everyone else know about this. You have to join a site that rates servers like your own and you have to encourage the players to vote for you if they are pleased with the services. The more votes you will have, the better you will be ranked as well.

This is one of the best options you can use to rate a WOW private server since this is going to kill three birds with one stone. Your players can show their appreciation publicly, you can rate your server and show people why your site is better than the rest and you can attract new players to your site thanks to your position at the top.

One of the things you have to make sure is that you do not engage in any dubious options to rate the RuneScape private server and you will let things go on naturally. If you want to know you will get as many votes as you would like, you have to focus on delivering the right services to your players so they can vote for your server.

If you want to find a site that is going to allow you to sign up and be voted for in an instant by players who enjoy the game on your server, the first site you will have to visit is at gtop100.com. This is where you will find the first 100 servers for World of Warcraft, RuneScape, MU online, Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament and dozens of others as well. It does not cost a thing and it is going to help you attract more users to you private servers as well.

A WOW private server can be hard to manage, but if you do it right and players are satisfied, you should rate it. If you will use the site named before, you can add your RuneScape private server in their list and you can attract new votes so you can become more popular and increase the number of player that use it in the process.

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Minecraft Server Hosting Cheapest Server to Host Games

Azuremyst EU retired WoW server blade
game server
Image by mac_ivan
This is an HP ProLiant BL25p server blade
Specs can be found here: h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12329_div/12329_di…

Minecraft is a game which has undergone numerous revisions for long periods of time. It seems to be the most favorite game nowadays. Having Windows operating system allows to minecraft server hosting dedicated to download the software from the official game website. For this purpose, Java version 6 is necessary to get installed on your PC. When the process is done, proceed with the executable file and open it. This starts automatic configuration of Minecraft host server on your computer. Upon its completion, you are required to increase the memory of Minecraft server. And hence, to achieve this, you need just to open a notepad and paste the code. It will fetch the file that you are using to configure the Minecraft server.

Minecraft server hosting cheapest server gets easily installed on your PC. When the game starts gaining popularity with more and more of your friends, there are chances that your computer may face tough time to cope up with the extra pressure. Minecraft is a game that basically allows the free flow of one’s creativity as well as the spirit of adventure. It has evolved into a most popular game that is played by number of fans all around the world. Minecraft server hosting allows accessing the game more easily. Choosing a theme is exclusively important when it comes in making ideal server. At the same time, it is quite important to conduct some of the research to find out which themes are highly popular among the players worldwide. Words being separated by themes will definitely increase the chance of landing more players in your server. The first and the foremost thing that your players will see while they join your server is your spawn area. Creative and most attractive spawn area can increase the chances of players in order to explore your server at its first impression.

Minecraft is a most popular open world game that allows you to play either in a solo or as a multiplayer. As compared to renting Minecraft server hosting is cheapest method. Before downloading the program, you need to ensure that your computer is compatible with the program. If your Minecraft server has its own popular website, then the process of installing on the website will be quite easy. Several companies can help to place advertisements on your website but none of them are as competent providing targeted advertisements. Most Minecraft servers use commonly use files sharing websites to share maps and other related files.

For more information about minecraft server hosting dedicated visit: https://www.mcdustservers.com/

Minecraft Server

cable jumble
game server
Image by kenyee
when a studio gets built in a matter of days, the cabling sometimes gets a little crazy.

If you are an owner of a gaming company with plans to let your game be played online, then choosing the right managed server to host this service can be a daunting task. The number of options available can make the process of choosing difficult. Also, there are many things that you must take into account. This is especially true because finding the right one can decide success or failure for your online games.


When looking for the right managed server, you must take into consideration the amount of server space you will need. Gaming generally requires more space and bandwidth than other online services. This is because with games, a lot more data has to be transmitted between players and the server. So, you should make sure to find a server that can handle the amount of traffic you will expect. As a general rule, the more advanced and complicated your games are, the more space and bandwidth you will want to have.


Another thing to keep in mind is the availability of a server’s technical support. It is almost unavoidable that you will run into problems with your online service. If you are unable to rectify the problem yourself, then technical support from your managed server will be needed. What you want here is that their support is given quickly. You will want a server that is available whenever you need them and is quick to respond. This is very important in gaming as any downtime can potentially cause much grief to players.


Selecting the best possible place deals a lot with physical geography and proximity. As a general rule, you will want to host your gaming server near where your gamers are located. This will allow for the least amount of latency or delay between the gamer and the server. This allows for a smoother gaming experience which is typically what any serious gamer would want to have.


One major thing to take into account is the amount of server space you will need. You will need to decide how much internet traffic you will expect. This is greatly dependent on the type of game that you own. If your game is very rich in content like graphics and sounds, you will generally want more space. The number of players that can simultaneously log on your game will affect this as well. Also, if you own more than one game, then you will want considerably more server space.


Although most server providers offer very similar services, they might charge very differently. It is a good idea to make a careful comparison of such things so that you can get the best service for the best price.


When choosing the right gaming server provider, always remember to keep your specific needs in mind. It is your job to assess what kind of managed server would be best for your game. Take the time to make this decision, as it can have a lot of impact on determining your success.


Lastly, one very important deciding factor should be price. With the number of options available, it can be very advantageous to you if you take the time to compare all the prices.

I am very interested in playing COD (Call Of Duty), especially on a game server.

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