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Maybe its because of the large amount of lower quality of mobile games compared to console games that generate reviews complaining that 1 USD is a lot to pay?

As its our first time making games, we are still playing around with concepts but I want our games to be ones that you can get into straight away – just like the good ol days where you can shoot something or kick somebody within 5 seconds into the game ^^
Another important thing is that we can all connect to each other somehow through a centralized server. I also envision that future CJ Nights will have battles involving our games.

What sort of games do you play on your mobile devices? What do you want us to make and what sort of things do you think we should be avoiding?

How do you think we should manage leaderboards? Most that I have seen are filled with crazy scores so the top 10 players stay the same forever.

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What is guild hosting? It’s a specialized hosting service that provides host services to the gaming community. Guild hosting is different from game server hosting. Game sever hosting is concerned with the hardware and software that makes a game function. Guild hosting can be seen more as an extension of the game, but its outside of the actual game.

Many on-line role-playing games (RPG) are composed of a large number of players throughout the world. In the physical world of role game playing, as in friends who live near one another, with the same gaming interests, players could easily go visit or call other players to discuss the game outside of actual play. But because players of internet RPG games can be located anywhere in the world, visiting or calling one another is virtually impractical. However, internet RPG players still needed a means to talk to one another about the game, thus was born guild hosting and has become a viable market niche for hosting companies. Here are some typical service features of a guild host.

Forums and Instant Messaging

A key feature of practically every guild hosting company is that they provide a forum for RPG players to interact with each other. Much like any other type of forum, game players can ask questions of more seasoned players, present ideas for game improvement, and even develop strategies, maybe even alliances, outside of game play. The hosting plans and the servers are made in such a way that they suit the multiplayer gaming, without a lag in the loading and maintain the speed in various gaming platforms together.

It’s also important for international gamers to be able to communicate while in game play with each other. For this very reason many guild hosts provide instant messaging to all their subscribers.

Tracking and Rosters

Things can change rather rapidly in a RPG game. One minute your a full-fledged sorcerer and the next you can be training, or even dead. And because internet RPG games can involve players from around the world, thus different time zones, outcomes can happen without everyone knowing what had happened. Most guild hosting provides the remedy for this by tracking plays and outcomes so that all players are constantly up-to-date with the current events of the game.

Scheduling Applications

Again, because of the many time differences involved with international RPG games most guild hosts provide software applications to schedule special events and happenings like attacks, maneuvers, or a special get together. This all is not handled by the content management script, but is done by the hosting service that reduces the load on your shoulders.

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