Bioshock2 017 Rapture arrival
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Image by JP Freethinker
Screenshots taken before the crash
The problem with Bioshock 2 comes right Game For Windows Live, which closed its servers. However, I play a solo game offline. In fact, if I start a new game, I can play for hours and even make the whole game.! But if I save, I quit the game and then try to start a save, the game crashes immediately. I tried to reinstall GFWL but can not connect because the server is closed. Microsoft thank you deprive me of access to a game I just bought and thank you to Steam, having sold it to me, knowingly.

Minecraft is a popular game in the Internet. The concept behind playing this is inadvertently simple. Players have to steer through an ever-expanding domain of cubes and collect blocks made of different materials. Along with this collection process, players can also use the crafting tools that are provided along with the game, to build a variety of objects. The list of these objects is truly contrasting, as it includes simple structures like, huts to complex logic gates and switching systems that illuminate vast cities. Beauty of the game lies here in the fact that it can facilitate designing of just about anything!
Tools that the game provides to the players include, spade and shovel, pickaxes, etc. In order to facilitate building construction, it equips the players with bricks, doors, etc. Even battle gears like swords, bows and arrows, armors, etc. can be crafted out in the game of Minecraft. There is a 3/3 grid that comes along with the game. Players need to place the ingredients on the grid and craft out just about anything according to their choice and requirement. These items are helpful in defending the ever-evolving houses and fortresses that come up as the game proceeds. However, the items – in course of time – will gradually become weak and ultimately break on being overused. Therefore, it is crucial for a player to have an ample collection of the raw materials to play the game successfully. Considering the game’s such impressive features, it is no wonder that minecraft server list has an overwhelming appeal to million’s of game addicts across the world.
The game provides the thrill of living through inhospitable terrain. A player not only has to survive in such adverse conditions, but has to stay in an excellent condition as well. The game of Minecraft has been designed so impressively, it provides an excellent feeling of accomplishment to the players. Technology has been elevated to such impressive level that the games like Minecraft have come into existence. Thanks to online gaming, new targets of accomplishment are being defined by online gamers, almost in never ending sequence. Minecraft server has indeed superb contribution in streamlining the online gaming community. Online gaming is the latest trend across the cyber world. Since the beginning of the new millennium, CD ROMS and DVD disks have taken prominence in the society. This has proved extremely helpful in ideating on online games. Apart from minecraft server list, there are other facilities like Sony Play Station and Microsoft’s X-BOX. Both these gadgets mentioned above support networking facilities.
In other words, a number of individuals spanned across the world, can play the games with each other. The speed of the network is most vital in playing online games. Minecraft server has facilitated unprecedented popularity of the online games. Innovative games that the online gaming precinct offers are most ideal recourse, to healthy entertainment. Addicts for online games are increasing in leaps and bounds. Ever evolving technology certainly has more intriguing things in store for future. However, considering all the impressive features and unadulterated entertainment that the contemporary generation of online games provides, it will not be an overestimation to say, these games are here to stay!

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