Treecology on the Minesque Server
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Finally finished the community tree farm for spawn, on the Vanilla Minesque Server. Yeah, I used to play SimCity2000 a lot, back in the days 😉

Counter Strike: Source servers are servers dedicated to hosting the online features of the Counter Strike: Source game. In order to achieve certain objectives, CSS, a first person shooter, requires team oriented, cooperated play between people who work together. A spin on the old terrorists versus counterterrorist battle is the games basic “plot summary”.

To win a game on the CSS server, your team must receive more points or wins in order to claim ultimate victory. This is calculated through the number of successfully completed objectives that are comprised on the “game map”. The team that wins the game will be the one that has more points as a result of more successfully completed objectives. In addition to a points victory, you will have to also meet certain victory conditions, dependent on the level you are one, to claim ultimate victory. This can be quite difficult, such as having to go through an entire level with no modifications allowed, or it could be an easy goal such as simply defusing a bomb.

Game servers are quite advanced, allowing us to have fluid, real life, and responsive online game play. Your experience will be exactly like this when you play on a CS Source server. Games that are hosted on a high quality game server will not be clippy or have issues with loading errors. There are extensively modified aspects of the game on a CSS server, to really create a unique experience.

You are going to want to know, once you start playing CSS, how to not only win, but dominate. Always have a good inventory of your weapons. You must learn which weapons are best used in certain situations and it is vital to make sure you always carry enough ammunition. Walking into a room, spraying bullets all over the place is just a waste of ammo. User your ammunition sparingly and make sure that you always the weapon that is best suited to your specific situation.

Remembering that this is a team game is another important piece of advice. You shouldn’t run off on your own to try to play hero in this game. You do not respawn after you “die”, as is the case with many other first person shooter games. This means that you cannot play again until the next round. You can be of better assistance to your teammates, and there is also safety in number, when you stay together. To make certain aspects of the game a lot easier, you should work together.

When it comes to doing something like a house raid, for example, you will have far more success working with friends than going it alone. Being with your teammates gives you more protection in the event of an attack or any other dangerous situation you might find yourself in. Many people understand that when playing a cooperative game like CSS, this is a key element to any good strategy.

So you have some advice on playing CSS, now you need a CSS server – check INX-Gaming. INX-Gaming have been providing Counter-Strike Source servers for over 8 years.

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