Flickr bug already, hate the new 2013 format…read on.. below! and the Gallery at right>>> below.
game server
Image by spelio
A bug in the new Flickr already.. see the code blog

and the new home page demonstrating "expensive parallax scrolling code"
You need to click on the image with the Mouse Wheel and scroll slowly, they call this progress!…

"What’s old is new again: Stealing from the arcade" (code from old games)
Do we need it on the Flickr that Pro members used to love!

test for server farms

Sign a petition here… Nov 2013

I was just trying to go back a screen on this shot!. This is a screen grab from another error! As I just found the newFlickr the next day after the changes WITHOUT Warning! a…

I have just added this image to a representative collection of Groups on Flickr which will be effected by the new style Flickr.

The ease of reading text on a page of thumbnails is gone.

It is better here with the Edit menu
BUT you have to go to your homepage. and trying to open the above link in a new tab with a right click, FAILS?

The map display is missing. Where is it?

you can’t add notes close to the edge anymore, unless you drag it there!

The list of sets and groups that an image belongs to is moved down.. Off screen.

It is not the so -called full resolution, it depends on your monitor, or phone! We had this before!

If you wait for a page to load, it is 30M…,that blows our ISP account out!

The ability to arrange and display your images as you wish is gone, they are now all piled up together… And re-formatted from square to rectangular or otherwise.

See an excellent discussion of the changes from a founding member..…

There is a recent Blog here..…

But I disagree with its point that Flickr was not a good networking site, we all loved our contacts and the Groups we belonged to.

The blog missed the main use of a lot of members of Flickr as an archive of historiic and interesting images, as well as their travel and family shots they shared with family and contacts.

None of my contacts would use Tumblr or Facebook for their images…

Read all the comments on the help page… There are many pages of them…

and more here…

Flickr keeps adding more help pages as they fill up..

Help forum petition..

More help page comments..étitions/marissa-mayer-give-us-our-fl…


The Flickr cookie knows who we are, what layout we have selected, what monitor and computer we are using, so it should be a simple thing for Flickr to make us all HAPPY!

Scroll down to more comments below.. And follow the link by Wil C. Fry below for a list and comments on all the CHANGES…


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Even though paid MMORPG’s usually feature more expansive game play, many modern browser based games are gaining ground on them in regards to graphics and game play. Another great advantage is that they are less costly or even totally free in some cases and require much less bandwidth to play.

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