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Old Trusty
game server
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This Apple PowerMac 8500 (OS 9.1, with a 400 MhZ G3 upgrade card) silently sits in the corner of my office to do one task- it negotiates the communication of the Shockwave MultiUser Server. This is for some multiuser apps I developed in 2000 using Macromedia Director, namely the Ideal Gas Law Game and a Chemical Equation Balancing application- these are all experimental environments where users can share an interactive multimedia space. It seems to get almost daily activity, so I just leave it running.

One should realize the basics of Mc Servers and host it. What are MC Servers? These are fundamentally large-scale computers that have fast internet additions that are running the latest game MINECRAFT and you can effortlessly get connected to them and play Mc with your friends! Now you have an alternative, this can either be your own computer (run your own Mc server) OR you can pay for a person to do all the hard work (buy server hosting).
How to control your own Mc host from house?
Even though it is expected (and well, rather delightful… for those computer nerds amidst us) to own a Mine Craft host on your own PC, over time this can convey more headaches than you initially considered. First of all, running a thing from your home PC will be exceedingly draining on your system assets. Even though most new computers running Windows 7 or Vista come with high hasten multi-core CPUs and adequate RAM (memory) to run a game server, the place will likely be distinct when a hardworking program starts utilizing up your resources. In addition to the supplemented internet bandwidth you need is likely to be a gigantic bottleneck.
In addition to this, you have to address that you will be dedicating your appliance to one cause, being a MineCraft Host. This means that you won’t be adept to play Mc on your PC that is setting registered as host program, as your CPU % and RAM are actually being masticated up (as cited earlier)! Sitting there and supervising the machine while your associates play Mc doesn’t sound like as much joy. It also signifies that you will not be able to use your PC (now a MC host) for an allotment of the other jobs you are used to. As said before, address that if there are other individuals (family members, room-mates, work colleagues) using the identical Internet connection, they are likely going to wonder why the Internet is so slow while you are happy with your own register! In this regard, you should invest some time in knowing more about minecraft and its host program.
The other key constituent is that if you were running the program, you would need to contain it swapped on and connected to the Internet 24/7, to endow people to play when they preferred. If it is swapped off or your Internet connection is not employed, that means there will be no Mc! (So, you would be getting many furious phone calls from your friends telling you to switch to the hosting program on!) Other things like residential internet attachments, frequently having to restart the computer and Windows shut-downs can affect the up-time. It is because of these reasons that people want to know more about the services of the cheapest minecraft server hosting business.
Another last component to address is that setting up a cheap minecraft server hosting is like setting up any web server that is multiplayer and running game. In case you did not have the chance to set one up before, you will need to have a lot of endurance and a good comprehending of your own TCP/IP mesh, how to set port-forwarding on your router, permitting traffic through your firewall, modifying your anti-virus backgrounds, and so on.
All of these things can lead to annoyance, which is why people eventually recommend going with hiring the services of the cheapest minecraft server hosting business; after all wouldn’t you rather spend your time construction an awesome world with your associates and thereby enjoying Mc?

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Arca Server

Game server – insert new games
game server
Image by TekLab
Easy to use control panel for game servers.

It seems like an easy question at first, but once you’re in the position of buying your own Game Server it can become a costly decision. How do you go about deciding how many slots to purchase initially? Well heres some guidelines and common mistakes I’ve come across over the years:


Too Big! – Most people who plan on purchasing a public Game Server assume they need 18 or more slots. Bigger is better after all right? No! Start small, somewhere between 12-16 slots will be sufficient. You can upgrade your server if you start filling these slots. Game Server Providers love selling huge public servers because most of the time you WILL NOT be able to fill them easily. Start small and work your way up.



Dust Is Fun! – Choosing a proper map for a server is crucial to making your players happy. If you’re running a 32 slot Counter-Strike server and playing de_dust theres going to be some bitter people. If the map doesn’t have enough spawn points it’ll kill off a random number of people at the beginning of the round. If the map does indeed have enough spawn points it can just be too crowded. On the other side a too large of a map can become a snore if it’s a 1v1 and finding the other player becomes playing a game of find the needle in the haystack. Choose wisely.



Mr. Robot – Take into account if you plan on using bots to try to boost traffic to your server. If 4 slots are taken by bots and it’s a 12 slot server you’re only leaving 8 slots for real humans. Try to keep the server slots in proportion to the amount of bots you plan to use (if any).



Stress – If you’re running a 32 slot server that’s full all the time it can become stressful and costly. It only takes one or two annoying players to make everyone in your Game Server angry. Also you’ll most likely need help from other admins to maintain order in the server and to keep it populated. Other side effects of owning a big popular Game Server is it might end up lagging and the performance will twindle. If this becomes an issue you might want to invest in two smaller sized Game Servers (two 32 slot Game Servers instead of one 64 slot).


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Arca Server

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R Factor Server

Game server – create a server
game server
Image by TekLab
Easy to use control panel for game servers.

Online gaming is such a hit among gamers worldwide. They get to play at home with thousands of people they don’t know. Gamers get to be a part of an online gaming community that hosts to international players which makes the gaming experience a lot more fun. As a gamer, you’d probably be more focused on leveling rather than technical parts of the game. And what you don’t know is that it takes a lot to run a game and having a quality game server is what will make your gaming experience worthwhile.


Some game developers often think about having their own servers for gaming or just hiring professional servers to run their game. One reason why game owners would want to run their own server is because they want to get more control over the game and it is more fun playing on your own server. However, this task isn’t easy. You have to consider your connection speed, maximum bandwidth and the right hardware for you to be able to handle the millions of players playing the game. Not to mention, you have to be a good game server administrator to always make things run smoothly.


Now, you must be aware that to be able to run your own game server, you will need tons of upgrades on your hardware which means buying super computers and upgrading your internet connection as well. Also, you will have to ready to address any server issues round the clock or else you’ll end up with pissed online gamers. So, if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, it is probably best that you pay for a professional gaming server administrator to handle your game and all the online gamers playing it.


So what are the reasons why you should choose professional gaming servers instead of using your own? Well first is that you are rest assured that the company will have better technology than you do. Of course, this is their business and they make sure that they have the most updated hardware for their client’s needs. Yes, they probably have the best computers on board to make sure that all the game being run will operate smoothly and provide a good gaming experience to online gamers.


Another reason is that a professional gaming server will always be up and they have the highest speed internet connection there is. Thus, you don’t have to worry that there will be lag issues unless the game server is too overloaded that the server cannot handle it. But in such cases, professional servers will immediately update their servers to allow more people to play and there will be no lag. They will make sure that they will be able to provide the maximum bandwidth for the game.


And lastly, when something goes wrong with the game, there are tons of technical support agents that will be of immediate help to you as this is part of what you pay for. It is crucial that you fix gaming problems and issues immediately, you don’t want to receive a barrage of complains from online gamers all over the world. Thus, if you are operating a game with thousands of players, the best option is to rent a professional game server.

I am very into my gaming and made the decision to go on the net, it truly is astounding the server is just wonderful.

R Factor Server


COD Server

Game server – game files for webftp
game server
Image by TekLab
Easy to use control panel for game servers.

So, just what is a game server? Before answering that question, it’s important to understand how online gaming works. Many popular games today, first person shooters in particular, support online play. Such Internet-based play expands the game to whole new levels, and provides an experience not possible in single player environments. Players ranging in numbers from half a dozen to as many as sixty-four can all join what’s called a game server and play on the same map (game level) at the same time. Gaming servers work much like web servers, but instead of hosting websites, host game matches that others can join. Though the game itself is not loaded from the server, important game information such as player scores and rules are. Think of them in terms of a soccer stadium. The stadium provides a scoreboard and a field to play on, and the players come to the stadium to play.


While it is possible for a gamer to host a server on his computer, such servers are only suitable for a small number of players due to the slow speed of their connections. Game servers of any decent size are hosted by what are known as server providers in large data centers. With high-speed connection speeds and high-end server hardware, these providers can host servers of any size. The most popular games hosted these days include the Battlefield series, Counter Strike: Source, the Call of Duty games, the Medal of Honor series, and Unreal Tournament. Most providers offer free support, the ability to change the hosted game on the fly, free voice servers for oral communication, and web hosting. Prices for gaming servers vary greatly from provider to the provider and game to game, but the average is around $ 2 per player. People who run game servers sometimes pay for them out of their own pockets, but often times a group of gamers will form what is called a clan and share the cost of the server. Once a server is setup, anyone can play on a server for free, though some servers are private and require a password to join.


They make it possible for game lovers worldwide to get together and play their favorite games in an online environment, and have created a whole new market in the gaming world and have changed the way people view gaming. As technology increases, it will be interesting to see how the game server market changes.

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Counter Strike GO


How Clanservers Are Managed And What Clan Server Hosts Will Help You With

Apple Game Server Online
game server
Image by blakespot

Having run a game server host for 8 years this is something I should be able to talk about in detail. I’ve seen all sorts of game server providers from the very best to the very worst. How those hosts run their game servers dictates how successful their company is. Let’s look at the way in which game servers operate.

Gameservers normally support both types of operating systems. It’s very unlikely you’ll find a gameserver that doesn’t run on Windows. CSS servers for example run great on both Windows and Linux. There are however some games that only run on Windows. The majority of game server hosts run Windows 2003 Server. There’s a divide on what operating system is best. Purist game server providers (at least that’s the best way of describing them) will cough at the thought of running gameservers on Windows, unless there is really no Linux support. Indeed Linux is considered to be more stable. Linux servers are generally smoother and thought to be more secure. You can always choose to run Wine on Linux in order to emulate Windows. Do be aware though, Wine isn’t as stable as running Windows.

So why would you use a game server provider? Why not rent your own dedicated server and run the games? Perhaps if you are an experienced server admin. Let’s assume you are going to manage your game servers on a Linux server. If this is the case, you are going to need to ensure the server is fully patched and secured. Should the dedicated server go pop, you are going to need to know how to fix it. If you don’t know how to mend it, you’ll have the option from your dedicated server provider to either have a clean format (make sure you have backups, and are ready for the painful process of uploading maps!), or pay the dedicated server provider to try and troubleshoot the problem. Of course knowing what you are doing, and not chowning the Linux operating system to another user generally helps!

Also consider game server providers spend all day fixing mods. Mods or addons are made by community members. Thus is is worth considering they are not being professionally developed, and have their fair share of bugs. Every time there is a big update for Team Fortress 2 Servers for example expect all your mods to break. You then have to wait for the mod makers to release a patch. It’s not fun because you’ll get shouted at by those that play for free on the game server, and burst into tears if they cant play games 2am on a Sunday morning.

Game servers take care of all of the above! They deal with all the hassle for you. Given how cheap game servers are these days, you may as well pay a provider anyway. Good luck!

For CSS servers, check out INX-Gaming . INX also specialise in providing game servers.

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Web Hosting Service For Your Game Server

Game server – insert new game files
game server
Image by TekLab
Easy to use control panel for game servers.

Hosting game servers is emerging to be one of the most lucrative branches of specialized hosting services. Many hosting services are more than willing to provide room for game servers in order to make a hefty profit out of it.

But while selecting a web-hosting service for game server one must be extra choosy. This is because game server hosting is much more demanding than other web hosting services.

First of all the game sites are one of the most frequently visited by net users. At any given time millions of users are latching on a single popular game site. Resultantly there is bound to be an unusually huge rush of traffick.

Thus, the capacities of a service to handle traffick load should be gauged before selecting it for hosting a game server. Otherwise one could find himself among total chaos and will have to confront with heavy loss.

The must-haves for a game service provider is a control panel either cPanel or Plesk .A control panel solutions which is specially designed to automate and standardize game server hosting process is another requisite for a game hosting service. A game service provider without these basic tools is no less than paralyzed.

Although these control panels perform a specific function they can as well use other soft wares, whether Linux or Windows. These can also install game specific soft wares and an also send patches of soft wares to end users.

One must be aware of the pricing systems of game service providers. It is a vital factor that may affect the decision-making while choosing a service provider for game servers.

A game service provider must contain nodes which are simply put, separate spaces for allocating different games. Each node should be assigned to host a specific game and supports a number of slots. The slots are the number of simultaneous connections of users who are connected to a particular node at a given time.

The pricing system is based on the number of slots. Thus while negotiating with a service provider it would be a good idea to be totally aware of the rates of different games. The cost per month for a certain game would be its rate multiplied by the average number of slots or the number of players connected to a certain node or server. Therefore one must keep track of the latest games which are topping the popularity charts and avoid the ones which are on the verge of being obsolete.

Compared to a shared web host machine, which can take in thousands of customers in a machine, a game host provider can accommodate only 10 to 15 nodes. This accounts for a high amount of current consumption. It would be a safe ploy to ascertain whether a web host service provider is up to it before making a decision.

Moreover if one is looking to package a game server with certain added features he should target the hosting services which provide add ones like in game chatting apart from basic hosting facilities.

Rodrigo Rehn is a Linux Systems Administrator, Web Programmer, PHP Developer and CEO of Hospedagemlocal hospedagem de sites brazilian web hosting services.

The Similarities Between TF2 Classes On Game Server

Game server – game maps
game server
Image by TekLab
Easy to use control panel for game servers.

When it comes to game server, some are just better, and a bit more advanced than others.The servers associated with the highly popular online game Team Fortress 2 are some of the best available. You can expect, with a TF2 server, fast speeds, no clippings, and the latest functionalities available to date. A good bit of the reason that this game is so popular is due to the quality of the game server hosting it.

When playing on a Team Fortress 2 server, there are 9 different classes based on different skills and abilities. The 9 classes are broken down further into three different subclass categories. The subclasses are based around support, offense, and defense. Playing within the classes is a way to ensure that you are using the right skills and abilities for your missions, but you do not have to play within those parameters.

In the support category are the characters the Medic, the Spy, and the Sniper, which have specialized skills and capabilities. The purpose of these characters, the name implies is to provide support, indirectly, to aid with the successful completion of missions. The Medics job is pretty straightforward, keep teammates alive and healthy.The Spy can cloak himself so as to be indistinguishable from other players and the Sniper has the ability to provide back up reinforcements from afar.

The offense category includes the Soldier, the Scout, and the Pyro.The Scout is the weakest of the bunch, but he makes up for this weakness in speed and agility. Far more durable and tough than the Scout, but not nearly as fast, is the Soldier. One tough baddie on the game is the Pyro.Outfitted in a fire retardant suit and gas mask, he launches all sort of fire based offensives on his enemies. Obviously, by the name of the category of classes, this is the “front lines” of any mission.

The defense category is the final one in Team Fortress 2. Within this subcategory are the classes the Heavy, the Demonman, and the Engineer. In the event of an attack, this is what you will need to use as these classes are charged with handling all matters defensive. The Heavy is slow, but quite tough. The Heavy is the toughest, and can sustain more damage than any other class. By eating, his health is easily replenished.The Demonman comes armed with two different styles of grenade and rocket launchers. His main purpose is to combat, indirectly, attacks.And finally, the Engineer provides on the spot defenses for his teammates.

The class you choose to play with will be dependent on your interests and specialties, but also the side of the battle you find yourself on. Divided into three different subcategories, these classes all have their fair share of weaknesses as well as strengths.What type of battle or game mode you choose to play, and what your teammates are choosing for their classes is also a vital consideration to take into account when trying to choose which class to play. Keeping all these things in mind, go out and have a fun gaming time!

For game server hosting visit INX-Gaming as well as TF2 server services.

What Is A Dedicated Game Server & Why Is It IMPORTANT?

A dedicated server can be the difference between good online multiplayer (on PC, or consoles like PS4 or Xbox One even). Here’s what that means and why you should care!
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Killing Floor Server

Game server – game list
game server
Image by TekLab
Easy to use control panel for game servers.

Uncomplicated games and the growing number of various virtual forms of entertainment are all responsible for the continuous evolution of the game server. This innovation has constantly been a trend with online internet gaming and which is predicted to steadily increase as time goes by.


Today, game server via web hosting is considered as one of the fast growing developments in the industry of web hosting. There have been many businesses that have developed specialized online gaming tools which need high quality and reliable game servers in order for them to operate efficiently.


When it comes to game hosting, the requirements are more difficult than that of traditional business hosting services. The requirements consist of considerable amounts of formatted space to meet the many demands of the players who choose one game at a time. Add this up to a million more consumers all over the world who play the same game online and these results to needing more organized and dedicated game server service.


One of the main things that a reliable game server should be able to address is heavy traffic. However, this does not pose as much of a problem just as long as you have a reliable and fast internet connection. Not many people know that the website owner can automatically control as well as organize many processes. The reason for this is because the online gaming community needs a lot of customer support, and the many applications and software updates can only be maintained as well as managed with a good control panel.


It is worthy to note, however, that in reality, the software space needed for gaming software is limited. Because of this the game server will limit the number of games that can have access to a certain server which the hosting company selects. This is done by accessing a special node located on the main host servers and each node will carry only a limited number of game slots or game players. The result is that only a certain number of players will be able to access the game at any specific time.


A good game server addresses this issue by allotting numerous nodes to be placed in each server. This will be able to provide enough space that each game and each game functions require. Another advantage for this is also in quickly reporting new features that inform the owner of the website which games are getting the most attention or those that are used more often. This kind of information is important for the purpose of knowing how to offer different game options or whether a particular game needs to be revised because it is taking up too much of the main server space.


Another new feature that you can look into is the chat forums or online threads that allow gamers socialize as well as share gaming strategies with one another. See if the web hosting company provides for this as well.


Game Server sites are new. They need as much updating and security as much as possible. This makes being cautious all the more mandatory before finally choosing one.

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Call of Duty Server


Game Server Hosting – Ping or Die

Game server – game addons
game server
Image by TekLab
Easy to use control panel for game servers.

Game servers are usually developed in a form of a standard component that can be found in many games that have a multiplayer option. After this kind of business became popular, hosting companies immediately responded to the growing demand and started offering dedicated servers for online gaming to both those who want to make business and to those who are simply enthusiastic. Generally game server hosting caters to two main groups of online games – those available from the main server, and those that operate through a series of distributed ones.

Centralized servers are mostly often used to host games that require these servers to be able to host thousands of users playing at the same time. The main server stores all the necessary data about the game environment and the cyber world is there 24 hours 7 days a week. The game goes on no matter if the user is online or offline. To participate in the game, a player usually needs special client software that connects to the main server. One of the most popular game using the technology of centralized servers is the World of Warcraft.

Another model is the distributed servers technology. This one is usually utilized by enthusiasts and small businesses. In this model the software is distributed onto several dedicated game servers. As an example, real-time strategies are usually based on this technology. They need frequent updates of the game world that is executed through messaging between users and servers. There should be a master server in this chain to control messaging between the whole bunch of distributed servers. Low latency and fast ping time – that is what needed for this model to be successful and ensure the fast speed of messages reaching the server and coming back to the user. Users usually choose servers with the best ping rates and connect to them to play online. That is why game server hosting companies connect their servers to the fastest networks. Security, operating system and applications tweaking and thorough configuration are also very important.

Hosting providers usually supply their clients with game server hosting services that include the most technologically advanced servers and network connections, very often with the preinstalled software to start online gaming business immediately. The most popular games using the technology of distributed servers are: Doom 3, Medal of Honor, Halo, Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike, Quake 3 etc.

Game server hosting providers are expected to significantly increase their revenue due to such rapid growth figures of online gaming. Many hosting companies have already build up a wide range of special game server hosting offers including even those for $ 30-40 a month. This is significantly cheaper than many low-performance dedicated servers.

Kevin Dark is an online marketer. Find out more about game server hosting .

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